Do Joint Supplements for Dogs Work Let's Explore
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Do Joint Supplements for Dogs Work? Let’s Explore

Do Joint Supplements for Dogs Work?

Joints provide an important part of our dogs’ bones. Connecting two or more bones, they are also the site of a number of different body processes. They are important in supporting our dogs’ movement and serve as attachment points for muscles and tendons. Joints can become affected by a number of joint diseases that will cause pain, weakness and sometimes lameness to varying degrees. In many cases, it is possible the dogs will show no signs of discomfort at all and there are many medications available to help treat these joint diseases.

But what if you were in a situation where your dog was unable to walk? After some time, could it be possible for him or her to regain that ability? We will consider explore further in this article. In order to answer this question we’ll have to take a look into the structure and function of our dog’s joints first.

In certain instances, it is not uncommon for a dog’s joints to be injured in ways that disrupt their normal function. Sometimes they suffer from sprains; ligaments can become torn or overstretched; cartilage gets damaged resulting in painful arthritis in the hip joint and other areas. One thing I need you keep in mind: the joint is an active part of your dog’s body, it does not repair itself. The tissue may heal but will never return to full mobility.

Understanding Dog’s Joints

If you are a dog owner, then you probably know that your dog will suffer the same joint pains when he gets old as we human beings do. That’s why you’re reading this article! The good news is things like vitamins and joint supplements for dogs can help ease these pains and keep them in good health and spirits. Joint supplements for dogs usually contain chondroitin and glucosamine which helps improve mobility of joints and reduce inflammation. Joint supplements are particularly useful for medium to large sized breeds but all sizes can benefit from this supplement if they have any kind of joint pain or problem.

Since Joint Supplements are natural products they are very safe to give to your pet so don’t be afraid of giving him such a supplement. Does your dog need joint supplements? Read on to learn what canine supplement and the supplements for joint are to learn additional information about joint supplements.

How Joint Supplements Help Dogs with Arthritis

As you probably know, arthritic dogs can sometimes suffer from a lot of joint pain. While this is often a natural result of age, sometimes it’s caused by other problems. In this case, a joint supplement could be the right way to go! If your dog suffers from arthritis or has damaged joints in some fashion, supplementation could be an option for additional support.

One in four dogs suffered from arthritis in America. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative arthritis in a dog. It occurs at any stage in life when the ligament cushioning softens causing joint pain, swelling and decreased mobility slowly. With appropriate treatment, many dogs can live long after they have been diagnosed say the American College of vets. The quality of lives of dogs is critical to maintaining joint health, the medical organization said.

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Hip dysplasia is a very common disease among dogs in the hip joint, with rates varying from breed to breed. The genetic factors of hip dysplasia are complex and the majority of cases (about 80%) appear to be inherited regardless of support. The stage and effect on young animals hip joint varies substantially based upon environmental factors such as dietary and exercise control during growth as a pup.

Dogs that are fit and healthy eat food in a healthy and balanced diet while taking appropriate supplementation may not suffer with arthritis or issues in the hip joints. When it comes to choosing a joint supplement it can be hard to identify the best option. Always talk to your veterinarian when choosing a new supplement for dogs as they can help you with the best combination and best joint supplements for your animals. They will help answer questions like how should I look for the ingredients for joint supplements for a healthy diet in my dog’s diet and what balanced supplements can be found in the best supplements.

How do I find the best dog joint supplement?

In this article we explore the best ways to find the right formula for you and provide the support your pup needs to feel their best. The supplement market can be saturated with items that appear good but then end up without excellent ingredients or quality control audits. Be cautious of claims which appear too good to lie. Get a confirmation from an organization to have independently validated the content of the supplement such as the 3rd party lab test results provided here at Pet CBD Co.

Most of us as dog owners know that dogs are very active animals and so it is quite natural that their bodies will accumulate wear and tear over time. Some breeds can even age faster than others, with smaller breeds usually having shorter lifespans compared to those larger ones. Regardless of the breed or size, some medical conditions affect all dogs at different phases of their lives. Joint problems, especially for bigger breeds, can be prevalent in dogs despite relatively young ages because of possible hereditary factors. To help ease your dog’s discomfort from these joint pains and aches, you can use pet supplements such as glucosamine chondroitin for dogs by Vet’s Best. Just like humans, dog’s joints need attention too and by taking care of them now, you can ensure that your dog will live a long and happy life.

When should I give my dog a joint supplement?

Animals with osteoarthritis can benefit from using joint supplements. Some treatment ingredients can include glucosamine and chondroitin which this article contains further details on, Omega 3s fish oil, and green-lipped mussels (GLMs), Turmeric dried milk protein or CBD to improve joint health. If your dog eats a homemade whole food diet, it likely doesn’t contains the specific vitamins such as Omega 3s and minerals that your pet requires in a balanced formula. It is well advised to speak to a veterinarian before deciding on diet for your dogs as the primary dietary concern. Your veterinary may refer you to a veterinary nutritionist who knows the best vitamins for your dog.

It is true that joint pains and aches are common health conditions in dogs but this condition can be treated in various ways. One of the most effective treatments includes utilizing glucosamine chondroitin for dogs, a highly recommended option used by professional veterinarians to help relieve discomfort from dog’s joints. By providing your pet with this supplement along with a diet that contains the food they need, you will easily increase comfort and decrease inflammation resulting from pain while also helping promote healthy cartilage production to improve mobility and prevent future health risks. Learn more about how to do that for any breed, regardless of their stage of life in this article.

How To Give Your Dog Supplements

Did you know that the easiest and fastest way to get a sick dog to take medicine is to hide it in food? Your dog will eagerly swallow his treat, not suspecting for one moment that he just consumed medication. There are some health issues where this would not be appropriate, but when your pet is recovering from illness or injury or needs preventive care, food can be used as an effective pill delivery system.

Best Small Dog Joint Supplements

CBD Dog Treats like our Mobility CBDfx dog treat soft chews are simple to consume and deliciously nutritious. For dogs under 25 pounds the small dosage of 5mg helps provide an ample starting point with the ability to increase as needed. You can even half the treat to deliver lower doses for that new pup or small dogs, remembering that less is generally needed for tiny dogs. The CBD treats are recommended for dogs of any size.

Best Senior Dog Joint Supplements

Many dogs have arthritis of the hip. Full Spectrum CBD Oil or Mobility Soft Chews can provide a great outlet for senior dogs to deliver anti inflammatory support giving them the best joint health possible. Understanding the formula and what each product contains is crucial to delivering your senior canine the best dosage for their age and weight.

Best Large Dog Joint Supplements

With the inclusion of ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and Glucosamine Chondroitin, CBD Mobility Soft Chews have a selection of active components to allow medium and big dogs to get a new start. Each joint supplement chew contains a nutrient packed formula that features glucosamine, chondroitin manganese and more. The chews have been researched in dogs to help improve their joint cartilage and joint fluid.

Treatments for Osteoarthritis in Dogs

Should arthritis be detected it will be suggested to the veterinarian to prevent the condition from worsening and minimize painful pain. If your dog is already affected by arthritis a veterinarian may suggest starting preventative treatment along with a change in food or dietary feeding. Joint supplements for dogs are one of the more common safe and effective long-term measures to relieve inflammation and pain. Joint supplements for dogs and humans commonly include glucosamine and chondroitin. Green lipped mussel supplement can reduce inflammation, improve functionality. Treatment may incorporate weight loss physical activity non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), and exercises. Always ask your veterinarian for treatment options upon diagnosis.

Types of Joint Supplements for Dogs

There are two primary kinds of joint supplements for dogs: glucosamine and chondroitin, and both can be bought together as a combination supplement. However, do not assume that any glucosamine or chondroitin product will improve your dog’s joints—you must seek out a high quality type. Many commercially available products contain poor-quality ingredients composed mostly of powdered shells rather than the more valuable, naturally derived extracts from beef or chicken sources. The better brands also come in convenient sizes for smaller dogs (such as 20 to 30 pound breeds). If you have trouble finding them at your local pet supply store or pharmacy, ask the manager to order them for you; it may take some persistence since these products don’t get advertised very often.


Glucosamine is a healthy acid sugar which forms and repair cartilage. Older dogs usually make less of it thereby producing stiffness and pain. Its given to dogs with hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis to help to ease pain and reduce the arthritic cartilage in joints. The best glucosamine tablets containing dogs containing arthritis and hip dysplasia are given as needed. Additionally they go along with those with osteoarritis or disproportionate hip dysplastic diseplasia to relieve convenience and inhibit degeneration.

Glucosamine Hydrochloride

Glucosamine Hydrochloride has been proven to support normal joint function and mobility in dogs. It is also an essential building block of cartilage tissue -which is what makes up all the cushions in your dog’s joints. As dogs age, the ability to synthesize appreciable amounts of glucosamine declines, and levels drop in their blood stream -which leads to a less active cartilage tissue, therefore making the joints stiffer, weaker and more painful as time passes. Ensure you are giving glucosamine hydrochloride, not glucosamine sulfate—glucosamine sulfate has not been shown to actually get into the cartilage where it needs to be.

Chondroitin Sulfate

In recent years, chondroitin sulfate has become increasingly popular among dog owners. You may have heard of it while browsing the aisles of your local pet store or seen advertising for it on television. As with any product, you will want to know exactly what is in your joint supplements for dogs and whether or not it is safe and effective before giving it to your dog.

In 2013 a study was conducted at Colorado State University to investigate the effects of chondroitin sulfate as a joint supplement on cartilage degeneration. The results for your pet were encouraging, researchers found that dogs receiving Chondroitin Sulfate performed significantly better than those that did not. This is very promising for dogs with joint issues like Hip dysplasia or arthritis.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dog Joint Health

CBD Oil might be effective in relieving joint inflammation in a way that traditional joint supplement drugs do not. The Endocannabinoid System affects many processes in an advanced way throughout he body outside of just the joints for example. Always look for high quality, natural ingredients when searching for your pet. Avoid chondrotoxic ingredients and ensure your products are clean and toxin free.

CBD oil has been shown to have a wide range of benefits for animals and dog joint health is one of them. It’s amazing that something so simple as an edible substance can be used to treat canine arthritis, mobility issues, chronic pain, inflammation and more! As it turns out though dogs can be highly sensitive to some pharmaceutical drugs. CBD oil can be a perfect alternative due to its lack of side effects, and high threshold for safety and efficacy.

Hemp and CBD also help to deliver nutritional and neurological nutrients such as much needed Omega 3 fatty acids like that found in fish oil. CBD oil is thought to aid in the treatment of a wide variety of dog health issues. In fact, CBD oil for dogs can be used to ease persistent joint pain that has resulted from chronic aches and pains due to previous injuries or even on-going degenerative conditions such as arthritis.

What makes CBD oil so useful for dogs with joint problems is its natural anti-inflammatory properties. Dogs can respond very well to the relief that CBD oil offers them thanks to their endocannabinoid systems—the same systems which also exist in humans! It is important to understand the dosage of each chew for example and remember to always consult veterinary support when needed.

Are Joint Supplements Good for Dogs?

Dog owners have been using supplements to aid in joint health for years. Is it possible that CBD chews, bone, fish oil or glucosamine are good additions for your dog? Could they help your pet get relief from the pain of arthritis? We asked a few experts for their opinions.

You may have read about how certain supplements can help with your own human joint problems. A quick Internet search will reveal hundreds on these products and what they’re supposed to do. Have you ever thought about giving them to your pup? Many animals suffer from the same kinds of joint issues as humans. Some of these supplements like a mobility chew might be worth considering if you want to make life easier on an aging, senior pooch. Vitamins like MSM and others are worth exploring when considering advanced options for your pets.

Fish Oil for Joint Support

One of the most common joint supplements for people is fish oil. It’s also popular with dog owners and has been shown to help joints in many cases. Most benefits seen when using this supplement are not specifically related to fish oil, as there are a wide range of ingredients found in whole fish that might be beneficial. And fresh is best! Many pet products contain only dried versions of these oils, which may not live up to your expectations or provide adequate support. A great source for fresh fish can be your local grocery store (make sure it is flash frozen). This could be cod, salmon or trout, all high quality choices. Feeding soft, wild caught salmon regularly will also give you a continual source of healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Salmon is also found in many of our CBD Dog Treats and chews.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate for Joint Health

These two ingredients are often sold together as a joint supplement for dogs. They come from natural sources milled to a powder but have been shown to help with cartilage production in many cases. The typical recommended daily dose formula is 500 mg of glucosamine and 200 mg of chondroitin per 10 lbs of dog weight (1 gram). You can find it easily at the pet store or online here: glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate.

As with any new vitamin or supplement, be sure to monitor your dog closely while giving them this product for the first time and request veterinary consult if desired. It’s normal for them to experience digestive upsets when beginning to take a new supplement formula so don’t be alarmed if this happens. If your dog is in a lot of pain with a lowered immune system, try changing to a supplement with MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). It should provide some relief if the problem is severe.


There are also many other supplements which can help your dog live more comfortably and recover from serious injuries or surgery faster. Pet joint products containing glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate will often include herbal remedies, including devil’s claw, boswellia, yucca, green tea extract and ginger extract along with MSM. Oils and acids like hyaluronic acid. Advanced ingredients may be useful for promoting healthy joints, boosting the immune system and making life easier on older dogs who suffer from arthritis and related problems. Speak to your vet about what might work best for your specific dog. The research is not complete, but there is evidence that many of these products can help with the pain associated with arthritis and other joint problems in dogs as well as humans.

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