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The Pet CBD Company is your one-stop online shop for pet CBD products including CBD Oil for Dogs, Cats, Horses and other animals along with CBD Dog Treats and more.

As pet owners ourselves we know what your pets mean to you. We’re here to help you in every step of your journey with CBD.


With FREE Shipping on all orders and quick delivery times, Pet CBD Co. makes it easy to get the Hemp CBD oil products that you desire delivered discreetly to your doorstep.

Welcome to The Pet CBD Company or Pet CBD Co. for short! We are the owned and operated dedicated pet division of CBD Oil Solutions and we own pets too! Our goal is to bring you the best CBD pet products in one easy to shop location all with Free Shipping on every order! At Pet CBD Co. you can expect the same award-winning customer service and expert curated selection having proudly served over 15,000 customers and counting since 2017. Getting you the vet-quality pet CBD oil you need in just a few short business days.

Within the last year you likely have heard of CBD possibly from a family member, friend, your vet or possibly other pet parents. All of our CBD Oil pets products are derived from the cannabis plant of the Hemp variety and grown legally under the Federal Farm Bill of 2018. Unlike medical marijuana or traditional hemp oil, the hemp grown for our CBD products has been genetically bred and cultivated to be high in CBD and low in THC. In fact, the  products contain less than 0.3% THC total which is what defines Full Spectrum CBD products with  some hemp carrying a USDA Organic hemp designation. CBD can also be further refined into a single compound removing the terpenes and plants essential oils which creates CBD Isolate, isolated of THC and all other cannabinoids resulting in THC-Free pure CBD products.

Just like the human body, our pets have Endocannabinoid Systems within their body that react and respond to cannabinoids like CBD (Cannabidiol). Here at Pet CBD Co. you will find CBD for pets including CBD Oil for Dogs, CBD Oil for Cats, CBD Dog Treats and even CBD Oil for Horses all with the same quality that human’s use! Like humans, animals are prone to seizures and have to visit the vet for honest paws.

Pet owners look for all the health benefits possible that can extend the life and comfort of their companion. Visits to the vet can be costly and dog owners and cat owners alike have turned to the best CBD for pets to do all that they can for their furry friend. We take our pets to the vet for everything from pain and seizures to chronic pain and we understand that every pet owner wants the best for their pets and that includes the best CBD oil. All the high-quality CBD oil products that we carry are made with natural ingredients and 3rd party tested for quality, potency and purity. These tests include testing for pesticides, chemical fertilizers, heavy metals along with any fillers or unnecessary byproducts.

If you own pets that are prone to seizures or pain don’t be afraid to ask your vet about your pet’s Endocannabinoid System and the potential nuleaf naturals approach with cannabis products that you are considering. When it comes to administration of pet CBD oil there are multiple ways to help deliver CBD to your pets bloodstream with these natural products and activate the Endocannabinoid receptors. Many CBD Tinctures utilize a high-fat carrier oil for enhanced bioavailability including MCT oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil and others. The products also come with flavor like Beef, Salmon, Chicken and more quickly helping to make them your pet’s favorite CBD oils. Our dog treats are made to be delicious right out of the bag. Honest paws, we swear they will love our dog treats which is why we offer a money-back guarantee. If you own pets and aren’t satisfied with your paw CBD it is paw-sitively free!

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Pet CBD Co. works daily to bring you the best brands of Pet CBD products on the market today together in one easy to shop location.

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Our selection features only Hemp CBD brands that are known and trusted in the industry. Strong company ethics along with verified laboratory test results are a must.

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CBD is not a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved veterinary medicine and here at Pet CBD Co. we do not offer medical advice. It is always recommended to contact your veterinarian before beginning the use of CBD oil for pets or any hemp plant extract. Your vet knows your pet and can help you to understand serving sizes, side effects and the right dose so you do not administer too much CBD. Each cannabis product is made via extraction from hemp oil and the hemp plant that is both safe for pet and human use. These are natural medical cannabis products.

Veterinarians in the United States are working to complete some of the first studies involving the cannabis plant, hemp plant, medical marijuana, medical cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System of animals. To date only anecdotal reports or dog owners who use CBD on their pets have largely been the basis which is why additional research of these cannabis products is ongoing. The research is exploring anti-inflammatory properties and pain management potential for things like chronic conditions, seizures, and chronic pain to understand the right dose of a high-quality product and best CBD oil for each application. Many are familiar with the  prescription medication prescribed by their vet, further research and veterinary support of CBD will only  expand its potential.