CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets


Bacon Flavored Pet CBD Oil

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

3 Formulation Strengths for Small, Medium, and Large Breed animals.

30 mL Dropper Bottle for Easy Dosage and Administration

250mg, 500mg or 1000mg Active CBD per Bottle


CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets is a Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture designed specifically for your furry friends. This CBD Tincture comes in 3 unique strengths specifically designed for Small, Medium or Large Breed animals. At CBDfx they believe that pets are family. It’s important to trust that whether you’re feeding them food, treats, or supplements, they’re getting the same standard of quality you would demand for yourself or your loved ones.

As CBD Pet products become more popular thanks to owners’ awareness of the potential health benefits of CBD for dogs and cats, it’s important that you feel good about what you’re giving your furry friends. This pet CBD Oil by CBDfx comes with a special dropper for easy application, as well as targeted dosage amounts to make sure your beloved pet receives just the right amount of organic CBD to make them feel their best.

The Broad-Spectrum formulation contains CO2 extracted CBD rich in all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids and fatty acids found in cannabis sativa L. (hemp) without any of the THC. Broad-Spectrum CBD is created from Full-Spectrum, whole plant extract, that is further remediated removing any detectable trace levels of THC.

Determining serving sizes of CBD for pets is trickier than for humans, due to their smaller size. Therefore, CBDfx’s pet-focused products come with special potency formulations and the included dropper makes it easy to put drops directly under the animal’s tongue (or into their food). As always, the purity of ingredients used to make the tincture itself is held to the same rigorous standards as our human CBD products.

These CBD tinctures feature a natural Bacon flavor along with addition of the powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin.

CBDfx Pet CBD Oil Strengths

Pet owners are finding that CBD is an incredible alternative option for many common pet issues. From older pets who have joint and pain problems, to animals who suffer from seizures, and even dogs who are overly anxious and prone to barking — CBD offers an exciting, natural, and organic way to provide your furry friend with some much-needed relief.

CBDfx has 3 dosage strengths available depending on the size of your pet’s breed. This is in line with standard guidelines that recommend 1-5mg of active CBD per 10lbs of pet body weight. Generally, this is dosed every 6-8 hours depending on size, or simply as needed.

In November of 2020 CBDfx released new, updated strengths of their Pet CBD Oil increasing the amount of CBD per bottle while keeping the same great price delivering even more value for you!

CBDfx Small Breed Pet CBD Oil –  250mg

The 250mg CBD for Pets is ideal for small breeds of 20 lbs or less. Cats, rabbits, or pint-sized dog breeds like pugs, chihuahuas, or poodles will love this high-quality CBD pet product. Each mL dropper of CBDfx Small Breed CBD Oil is approximately 8.3mg of active CBD.  (Formerly 150mg)

CBDfx Medium Breed Pet CBD Oil –  500mg

CBDfx 500mg Pet CBD Oil is ideal for medium breeds over 20 lbs up to 60 lbs. Each mL of CBDfx Medium Breed CBD Oil is approximately 16.6mg of active CBD. (Formerly 300mg)

CBDfx Large Breed Pet CBD Oil –  1000mg

CBDfx 600 mg Pet CBD Oil is specially created for large breeds of dogs over 60 lbs in weight. Boxers, Golden Retrievers, Labradors and other dogs in the large breed category are ideal for this formulation. Each mL of CBDfx Large Breed CBD Oil is approximately 33.3mg of active CBD. (Formerly 600mg)

About CBDfx CBD Pet Products

All CBDfx CBD is derived from organically grown hemp and extracted using clean CO2, CBDfx holds their CBD pet products to the same rigorous standards of quality as our human options. For the discerning owner who wants to maximize their pet’s quality of life, CBDfx Pet CBD Oil is the best doggone option out there!

The Pet CBD Oil consists of organic, broad spectrum CBD and organic coconut oil. In other words, it doesn’t contain any filler ingredients. Therefore, as an owner, you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that your companion is getting a CBD oil that’s high in nutrients without any of the junk.

CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets Ingredients

MCT Oil, CBD Rich Hemp Oil, Curcumin, Natural Flavor

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Strength / Size

250 mg CBD (Small Breed), 500 mg CBD (Medium Breed), 1,000 mg CBD (Large Breed)

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